SUPERplanter™ introduces its latest, innovative, self-propelling planting machine.  It’s proven to be revolutionary in agricultural food production.

SUPERplanter™ is fast and suitable for industrial, large-scale planting of vegetables, grains, and field crops, and bio-fuel.  It offers an advanced high-performance solution for large farms and Agribusiness responsible for the entire supply chain.  


High Productivity

SPEED - Planting rate of up to 5 acres (2 Hectares) per hour – faster than industry-average.

EFFICIENT - Planting output of continuous run of up to 105,000 plants per hour in 6 row machine.

- Planting methods suits various crops in many types of soils: damp soil, wet soil, clay soil, PVC covered beds, and pre-installed drip-irrigation beds.

SELF-PROPELLED – The caterpillar tracks provide excellent traction, maneuverability over multiple terrains.

MODULAR – Easily adjusts to different types of soil beds, planting spaces between and within rows.


High Quality  

♦ Machine adapts to varying planting conditions.

♦ Unique planting method offers minimal stress to seedlings, contributes to faster recovery and growth.

♦ Shorter downtime between planting cycles lead to higher yields and higher profits.


Inellectual Property

The SUPERplanter™ is Patent-Protected (Pending).